The Rascom Pro platform

Rascom Pro platform is built for businesses that want to fully automate their communication process using both Email, SMS and Social channels.

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Compelling Dashboard

Reporting is easy with the Rascom Pro dashboard which displays the vital information in a visual way.

Business leaders obtain an immediate ‘real-time’ view on the most important customer activity and communication reach, with an instant drill-down menu which provides a greater level of detailed when you need it.

Customer Management

Manage, access and have complete control of customer records, including activity history, customer location, how long they have been a customer in your business and service status.

A business is able to manage up to more than 10,000 customer records from any device, while supporting the Grid workspace that enables a selection of multiple staff members.

Email Communication

Rasmail enables users to craft engaging messages using email templates on any important topic or event.

Users can send individual or group emails, and address all customers individually while tracking the delivery of the message. Users can further track who opened the message - by country, browser, operating system and much more.

Mobile Communication

Rascom Pro users can send and track SMSs to over 500 networks worldwide directly from there account, engaging directly with customers automatically on important events such as birthdays and seasonal celebrations.

Users can create templates, select the desired audience and broadcast a message directly to a customer’s mobile phone.

Automated Relationship Building

The Pro platform has numerous features enabling users to engage with customers through built in automation features.

Once the templates are set up,Rascom Pro will trigger notifications to customers on the specified days, improving engagement and enhancing relationship building initiatives.

Customer Analytics

Key to successful business growth and retention requires a deep understanding of a customer’s needs, interest and behaviours.

Rascom Pro users can convert customer details into powerful analytical information to make informed business decisions.Using analytics, communication with any target audience can be customised and provide many opportunities to connect with customers based on their interest and behaviours.

Marketing Automation

Rascom Pro turns data into powerful analytical information to better understand how customers engage with targeted communication messages.

Users of the Kinetic platform are able to track and monitor customer activities and customize offers that convert leads into sales.

Enhanced Team collaboration

Everyone can work seamlessly together on RascomPro.

Providing access to cross functional teams ensures communication can be tailored, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the business.